WHY CHOOSE IT – This durable coffee grinder is specifically designed for coffee snobs with an inexpensive way to have freshly-ground coffee . The glass container with lid can keep coffee fresh. This way of making coffee like a tea ceremony! Eco-friendly and not electric parts to worry about.
CONSISTENT GRIND & CERAMIC BURRS – Newly designed ceramic burrs does not have metal smell and will never rust , grind the beans perfectly and can provides consistent and durable performance. Able to adjustable grind strength, can produce a coarse, medium, fine or espresso grinds ideal for French press, Vacuum pots or Espresso Makers.
PORTABLE & EASY USE – Perfect for the coffee lover, ideal for home ,general travel and office use. Easy operation ,the lid can help you to keep the beans from bouncing out and the anti-slip can help stable grinding when you grind. In addition, it has a perfect size for grinding beans for 2 for a week or so.

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