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Discover the best coffee espresso experience with our coffee pod range. We have carefully selected some of the best coffee pod options we only sell the best tasting coffee. All our coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso, Tattisimmo and Dolce Gusto.

There is a great range to choose from we are sure you will find your usual coffee pod choice at a great price including Carte Noire, Starbucks, Illy, Nescafe and Costa Coffee.

With Cofee pods you can enjoy the barista style experience without the need to leave your home. Most coffee pods can be stored up to 18 months but please check the label. Coffee pods are a must have in any coffee lovers cupboard.

Q: What are coffee pods?
A: Coffee pods are pre-packaged single servings of ground coffee, designed to be used in specific coffee pod machines.

Q: How do coffee pods work?
A: Coffee pods are placed in a compatible machine, which punctures the pod and forces hot water through it, producing a single serving of coffee.

Q: What types of coffee are available in coffee pods?
A: Coffee pods are available in a wide variety of blends, roasts, and flavours, including single-origin and speciality coffees.

Q: Are coffee pods recyclable?
A: Some coffee pods are recyclable, but not all. Check the packaging for recycling instructions.

Q: What is the difference between coffee pods and coffee capsules? A: Coffee pods are round, flat discs of coffee, while coffee capsules are typically small, dome-shaped containers that hold ground coffee.

Q: Can coffee pods be used in any coffee machine?
A: Coffee pods are designed for use in specific machines that are compatible with their size and shape, so not all machines can use all types of pods.

Q: How long do coffee pods stay fresh?
A: Coffee pods have a longer shelf life than ground coffee, typically several months, as they are packaged in airtight containers.

Q: Are coffee pods more expensive than loose coffee?
A: Coffee pods can be more expensive per cup than loose coffee, but they offer the convenience of pre-measured portions and less mess.

Q: Can coffee pods be reused
? A: Some coffee pods can be refilled or recycled, but this depends on the brand and type of pod.

Q: What is the environmental impact of coffee pods?
A: Coffee pods can contribute to waste and environmental concerns due to their single-use packaging. However, some companies are developing more sustainable options such as compostable pods.